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Al Suwait Clan

The Al Suwait clan is considered one of the authentic Arab clans, and its members’ lineage goes back to the lineage of the Noble Messenger (may God bless him & his family). They are among the nobles who have been known throughout time for their unparalleled ability to lead, wisdom, and courage. They are proud to be the grandchildren of the Commander of the Faithful Imam “Ali bin Abi Talib” (peace be upon him), and their great-grandmother is Lady Fatima al-Zahra (Peace be upon her).


Al Suwait is know for their brave heroes, have defended against enemies many times throughout history that made their reputation among the Arabs high and they are recognized for that. They are people of chivalry and honor and never accept falsehood.


The origins of the Al Suwait clan go back to the Arabian Peninsula, after which they spread to Iraq, Arabian Ahwaz, Kuwait, the United Arab Emirates, and other countries. They are proud of their Arabism and their ancient Hashemite origin.


Their history is as bright as the rising sun. They are the noble masters of Yasir Al Kabir from the sons of Hashim, the sons of Zaid the martyr, the son of Imam Zayn al-Abidin “Ali bin al-Hussein” the grand son of Ali bin Abi Talib (peace be upon them).

Descendants of Ali (a.s)

Of their Men

Heros that don’t flee

Among the respected men of the Al-Yaseri family, the late Mr. Nour Al-Sayed Aziz Al-Yaseri (1834 AD-1936 AD) is one of the most prominent men of the twentieth revolution. Indeed, his house in Karbala city in Iraq witnessed the signing of the Great Iraqi Revolution Document in 1920 AD, and the house was blown up by the occupation forces at that time. And he was rich in inherited money and real estate, and from the crops of his ancestors. He distributed some of his inheritance to the poor and needy among the rural poor. He was passionate about offspring and longed for their abundance in his homes, so he married thirty women, some of whom were gentlemen and some of whom were commoners, and they bore him twenty-five children!

Among their men was also the late Mr. Muna’ther Al-Suwait Al-Yaseri, who was one of the brave ones. One day in the year 1955 AD, a story tells that he ones saw some invaders had taken all the camels and sheep of his clan, and nothing was left of them. So he then he got so mad and went to bring his weapons. His father and brothers were going to the Arab city of Al-Huwiza, so he took purebred horses from the thoroughbred horses of the Al-Suwait clan, and then he attacked them and shot at them in a frightening and rapid manner from more than one place and location. Falling on them left all the whip and fled. After that, he became famous among the clan for his strength, courage, and noble morals.

Also among their men is the famous genealogist, Mr. Ahmed Al-Sharif Al-Ajeel Al-Suwait Al-Yasiri, who is a scholar of genealogy and a ​scientist. God gave him the insight that enables him to know the truth from falsehood and the true from the distorted. He is one of the descendants of his grandfather, Ajeel, who was famous for his generosity and genuine Arab generosity. He and many of the honorable men of Al-Suwait are based in the State of Kuwait. Mr. Ahmed has several historical sources from which he relies and derives the historical events that he summarized and established conclusions aimed at reaching the truth to know the difference between the original lineages and the extraneous ones.

Among their other men as well is Mr. Ali Al-Risan Al-Suwait Al-Yasiri, an experienced academic researcher and a leader who has far-sightedness and a delicate academic sense through his scientific and historical research that he carries out. Despite his outward calmness, which is noticed at first glance, he is dexterous, strong in observation, and strict on the truth, and he does not fear the blame of the blamer in God. He is one of the descendants of Shughib and Al-Bushghaib a son of Ajeel. They are known for their defend against enemies. Moreover, they have a village named under their name Al-Bo-suwait on the map, which is the centre target for Al-Bushghaib family. He and his honorable family have been based in the United Arab Emirates for decades.

Noor Al Aziz Al Shalal Al Yaseri

Ahmed Al Ajeel Al Suwait Al Yaseri

Muna’thar Al Ajeel Al Suwait Al Yaseri

Ali Al Ajeel Al Suwait Al Yaseri

Clan’s Flag

Ba’iraq of the clan

The Al-Suwait clan has their own flag, which is in red, and surmounted by a Quranic verse “In the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful (conquest from God and victory is near). In the middle of it is a crescent with a white star, and below them is written the name of the clan, which is (Al-Suwait Clan).

The flag has customs, traditions, specifications, and times when it is raised. The colors of the flag have connotations that express the customs and traditions of the inherited clan or tribe, and they do not change except for a historical or political reason or event. Alert and instability, because it carries the longest frequency (wavelength), which makes it sharper and used as an alert on something special.

Al Suwait represents Arabism, Pride, Upliftment, and a Pure Dynasty

Members of Suwait clan are proud that they are nobles from sons of Hashim, and their grandfather, the Commander of the Faithfuls, Ali ibn Abi Talib (peace be upon him), was the successor of the Messenger (p.b.u.h.f), his successor, cousin and the husband of his daughter Fatima al-Zahra (a.s), the Lady of the Women of the Worlds.

The Most High said in His Noble Book: (Have you not seen how God presents an example of a good word as a good tree whose root is firm and whose branch is in the sky that yields its fruit every time by permission of its Lord? And God presents parables for people so that they may remember, and the parable of a bad word is like a bad tree uprooted from above the earth that has no stability that proves God is those who believe in the firm saying in the life of this world and in the Hereafter, and God leads astray the wrongdoers, and God does whatever He wills) – Surah Ibrahim: verse 24-27.

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our future generation

The generation of the honorable Al Suwait family must remain preserved in our children and we must preserve our heritage and pass it on to future generations who will carry this great legacy and remain proud of their origin and lineage in light of current globalization. This is our mission and vision.

authentic Arabism

The Arabism of the honorable Suwait family is rooted in their roots that extend to the Arabian Peninsula, and they are from Bani Hashem, the descendants of the most honorable Prophet Mohammad (p.b.u.h.f), and he is one of the sons of Ismail bin Ibrahim Al-Khalil (peace be upon them).


The sons of Al-Suwait have well-known campaigns, defend against enemies and heroism that attest to their defense of honor, dignity, and steadfastness in the truth, and they do not fear, for God’s sake, the blame of any blamer. They inherited courage and bravery from their grandfather (the one who never flee).

customs & traditions

The Suwait clan has ancient customs and traditions, including being kind to one’s neighbor, protecting an intruder, generosity, providing food to the beggar, providing relief to the wayfarer and the afflicted, and other good qualities that they passed down from father to grandfather.